The time of the coming of the Lord

Brethren, we are on the threshold of the time of the coming of the Lord;
  a time of great change and stress;
  a time of trouble and derision;
  a time of pain and suffering;
  a time when some will shine with glory
  and a time when many will fall.

Let us then diligently seek
  to abide with Christ and to keep his word;
  to stay the course and to continue to walk the straight and the narrow pathway of righteousness;
  to remain true and faithful to God;
  to keep our eyes fixed on the promised City whose Maker and Builder is the Lord and the hope of the glorious day of the resurrection.

In that day we at last will have left behind this earth and be assembled around the throne of God.

©07/22/2002 Jim Welch
July 22

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